Arrange blocks in a form

In a form, i need arrange four blocks.
Only one, to the left of scren…
And the another 3, to the left (one above of other).image
How i can do?

SC should really move towards bootstrap and flex layout,
current block system is too limited
what you want is not possible, you need to use custom layout and control application, which is kind of pity for rapid application development thesis.

SC block system is based on HTML tables.

In theory it should be possibile to arrange the layout of ASANTARELLI with tables only using row/col span , but SC does not allow to specify col/row spam for blocks.

yes… i now try a dashborad, whit 2 app… in the left, the photo… and in the right, the rest of data…

bootstrap tables support all kinds of layouts, you are better of with control application and bootstrap design. there are examples how to do it with SC, it is not that hard and useful to learn anyway as everyone using it.
dashboards are not designed for that in general .

Thanks! i search the examples…