Arrghhh why does it do this

Make a change in a form. Any change. Add a block or a field or change color of a title. Go to save and it just spins and spins. Have to restart scriptcase and my ENTIRE layout is destroyed. All the fields are under “not shown” and I have to rearrange everything. Short of taking a screen shot, I don’t always remember exactly how it was. This has happened to me probably 5 times in the last year and it is absolutely annoying and wastes hours of time. I don’t want to do a backup every time I make a change “just in case.” What is this?

This will happen when your session is time out, the browser will let you work locally and when you will save it will not be able to do it since the session is close.

Increase your session length or be sure to refresh your browser before working if you left your session idle too long

And it also may be a bug, but the session timeout will have the same result

Wow I don’t think it is a timeout in this case. I’ve learned if I will not be working for a while to save and close everything or it will go back to log in to scriptcase. I can make a change, save, run, make a change, save, run, make a change…try to save…crash. It’s terribly frustrating.

The session item was the problem to the exact problem you have.

Old one but still happens. I’ll increase session timeout AND refresh browser.