Assigning dummy entries to top level menu items

My menu was getting crowed all on one line so I decide to create the usual drop-down menu structure. The top level menu items are really categories (user, admin, security etc) so do not have any valid links assigned so there is a basic “Not Found” error if one of them is clicked. Is there any way of stopping this action?

Ideally a dummy link that does nothing would be a good option but I have no idea of a safe way to do this. Using a dummy form would work but is clunky.

Is there a best practice way of doing this or does everyone actually link the top level entry?

I also use a hierarchy in my menus where the top level usually do not have a link, but sub menu items. If the field “Label” is filled and the field “Link” is left empty this works just fine, i.e. I do not get any message “Not Found”. Instead the lower level menu-items are displayed in a sub menu.

Are you using an actual menu application or is it another type?

Did you find a way to make the tree menu “disappear” when you choose an option?
I find the tree menu hides the form, even when you choose a menu option!

a. I do not use a “tree menu” application, but a “menu” application.
b. Did you manage to have the top level menu items without the “Not found” errors?
c. Perhaps you could include some screen prints to show what the problem is?

I meant a menu.
Here is the problem:-

See it in one of the Scriptcase samples here:
On the top menu, choose Form. Then click Orders. Notice that the Add button and some text are behind the menu.


The menu should collapse when an option is clicked. Instead the menu remains open, and so interferes with the proper functioning of the form!


Ok, I see what you mean.
However, the application does not behave like that when I try the linked scriptcase sample. On my computer the menu under “Form” collapses once the form opens so that only the main menu bar is visible. I use Windows 7 32 bit and the Chrome browser. Perhaps the problem is related to a browser setting, the browser you use (IE, Firefox, etc.) or the version thereof.
Try the SC sample from another browser, version or even computer.

I tried it with Firefox, Chrome and IE. All do the same thing.
If you move your mouse, it closes. But you have to move the cursor out of the black menu. If you move the mouse so that the cursor stays within the black menu items, it does not collapse.

Not a good interface for the user!

Do you see it?

Well, I must respectfully disagree :-).
Since the menu is still active (i.e. you are using it with the mouse), you could, with a menu application where tab’s are activated (a setting), open more applications right away, which each will open in their own tab behind the menu. This is just great. But I do see that some might want to the menu to collapse right away. To me, however, this is not really a big deal. I actually thought your issue was that the menu did not collapse at all even after moving the mouse, so that you could not use the form.

Also, consider that when the menu has collapsed and the form is now fully visible, you can move the mouse to the top menu bar again and the menu will spread out covering the form behind and enable you to select another menu item. Thus I guess that this is just how the menu works.

Hi Frank

Allow me to respectfully disagree with your respectful disagreement :-).

I think that standard behavior is for menu to collapse after a selection is made.
Sure one can go to the menu again and make another selection. But the menu does not have to stay open for that.

Look at my picture above - you can see how the user can be confused. He made a selection, but thinks it hasn’t worked, because the menu is hiding part of his form.

Well, maybe Scriptcase would offer us the option of collapsing the menu after selection, which I like as it makes life easier for the user.

Hi Jack,

Well, we can agree to disagree then :).
I can appreciate your viewpoint on the menu. However, I have honestly never noticed the menu behaviour as a problem or heard any complaints from users. Possibly, because I use vertical menus and the user will immediately move focus into the form to use it.

You can try to suggest the change to ScriptCase.

Thanks Frank

I took your advice and posted it under Suggestions in this forum: