Assigning html button to grid field

I assign html button to grid field and the field is linked to a form using application link
{mButton} = '<button>clickMe</button>';
When the field is clicked, the form should be opened. But it is not working. it displays nothing but only empty page. If image is assigned to the field, it works fine. There is no change on the application link. I only changed the field as
{mButton} = "<img src='../_lib/img/grp__NM__ico__NM__move.png' style ='padding: 2px 10px; border-radius: 13px;'/>"; what is the problem of using html button tag?
I would like to use because I want to use my own style.I used html button on another grid application it works great! It is very confusing ! Please help!

El enlace debe ser de Campo , cuando es de edicion se implementa un boton en la grilla el lapiz