Automaticly backup all projects

I would like to export and backup all my projects on a regular basis. Just in case I mess the code up and need to go back to a previous version, or the server dies.

What is the recommended method for this?

Thanks. Nick

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If you don’t backup manually you need to use a backuptool to save your stuff. I use conan for that.

Thanks Albert,

I am not familiar with conan (and Googling ‘conan’ brings up a lot of interesting, but not very useful links). But I suspect it is software to perform the backup of systems and files. What I was looking for is WHAT files I need to back up. Ideally, I would like to back up each project individually so that I can restore just one project if necessary.

The export/import process is what I had in mind, but I do not think that there is an automated way to export each project. I don’t need to be able to automatically import a project. But I would like to be able to automatically export it.


Sorry for the typo, I use cobian backup (version 10). And I share your wishes. But it cannot be done automatically currently afaik. Would be nice though.

I use a program called all way synch.
It might be able to do what you want from looking at the documenttation.
The link is above, but here is what I use it for:

I work primarily offsite from the job so saving to a network is unrealistic.
I bought myself a HP Passport TB external drive, I synch my apps folder, among others using this program and any changes I do to any of my apps are saved to the external drive
automatically, I have it check every hour for changes.

I believe that is will save modified versions of files also, but as I said I dont use it for that purpose.

But from looking at the options it might do what you need.

Hope this helps…
And to boot the cost is like 30 bucks for the full version.


I’m running on Linux Kevin, but will keep the link to the program because I might be able to use it on other stuff.

I do have a couple of questions.

When you say you back up the apps folder? Can you be a little more specific and let me know where in the directory tree you are backing up?

Also, is all the metadata about an app kept in that directory? So I just need to drop the old version over the new one and everything is restored? Or is the meta information kept by scriptcase in a database somewhere?

Thanks… Nick

I’m still trying to get a good backup system set up. Copying files is not a problem. The problem is trying to figure out what files need to be copied.

There is a backup selection under options->settings. But this appears to need to be run manually. Is there some way that I can run a full backup via a batch script?

It looks like folders are created in the backup directory. Is this documented anywhere?

Does scriptcase do any automatic cleanup of this directory?

Thank you… Nick

If you are on linux then just use rsync (see

Thanks for the suggestion. But moving the data around is not a problem. I already have a backup process in place for a number of other systems. In fact, the scriptcase system is backed up every night.

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to recover a single application or project from that system.

What I need to do is EXPORT all the projects to someplace where I can then back them up, and recover an individual project or application if necessary. I know I can manually run the EXPORT, but I need to be able to do that from a batch file.


Well you can simply copy the sqlite database or make a copy script to extract the project from the sqlite database. It is just as simple as that. Do be aware to ONLY back it up if it isnt being written to.
Just search for the nm_scriptcase.db and you’ll see what I mean.

Found that… thanks for the suggestion.

But won’t it still be difficult to restore just one project or application from there?

I have the complete disaster case covered. But what I am worried about is somebody doing a bunch of development work on a project, and then finding out they are headed down the wrong path and want to go back to the way it was a week ago. Meanwhile, changes were made to other projects, and I don’t want to lose those changes by restoring the whole thing.

I suppose that I could back everything up, then when I need to recover something

  1. Make a special backup of the current system
  2. Restore the entire system from the previous backup
  3. Manually export the project I need to recover
  4. Restore the entire system from the special backup
  5. Manually import the project from the export.

That’s a lot of manual steps to go wrong, and there are a lot of bits being tossed around, which will take a long while. Meanwhile, nothing can be done on the other projects for most of that time.


Just backup the DB.

I’ve scheduled this command ( Linux ):

sqlite3 /var/www/sc7/devel/conf/scriptcase/nm_scriptcase.db .dump > backup.sql

backing up of all /opt/NetMake should be fine?

There is no simple way to backup all projects automatically.

I think you can save your project in online backup software. I had 2 of external hard drives die but now I am using backup software (Ahsay) for saving all of my data. I am really happy with it. It provides some pretty useful features. Thanks

If you are using windows, GoodSync or Gs Richcopy 360 can automatically backup your data (any type) to any drive, external hard drives, or online clouds