"Back" Button appears after issuing a sc_redir. What gives??

I have a menu option called “Edit” which by default brings up a Form application called “Form_SelectRecipe”. On this form I have the search icon linked to a recipe list grid where the selected recipe sequence is returned to a global variable [var_iSelectedRecipe]. The selected recipe is then opened (which is a tab application). Everything is fine, however I see a “Back” button in the lower left of my screen. If I click it the “Form_SelectRecipe” form is still onscreen.

I used the following code to redirect to the correct Form application to show, but do not want the “Back” button to appear in the lower left of the screen.

Here is the code:

[var_iSelectedRecipe] = {Field_SelectedRecipe};
sc_redir(“Form_TabsRecipe”, “_parent”);

I thought that the Target would re-direct to the TabsRecipe application directly since I am using “_parent”, but I have that darn “Back” button appearing at the bottom left of the application. Don’t want it. How do I get rid of it??

It isn’t on the toolbar either. should I use "sc_btn_display(“back”, “off”); in scriptint?

Can you share a screenshot? I’m not totally sure I understand your question.

I just figured out a solution. Apparently a Tabs application has an Exit button. To disable this in my tab application I went to “Tab Settings” and changed the “Exit” setting to “Folder”. I read the documentation, but it wasn’t quite clear, although afte reading several times I realized what NetMake meant.

If NetMake could better explain this setting that would be helpful, but I consider this topic SOLVED.