back button on mobile !!!


The back button on mobile device is a real problem !!!
If user use it in place of Back button in app, there is a page error and he needs to refresh the current page. it’s a enormous lack or bug I think in mobile options

How can I by-pass this ?
I read somewhere that we can block back button of the mobile device, but it will be a non-sense

Someone an idea ?

A similar problem …:

Yes, but this thread is there without any answer till 1 month

So, is there any solution ??


This is the answer of bugs team :

“Is not a bug, if you back using the button back of browser the session is closed. if you want back, you can use the button navigate in your toolbar.”

I know that but user push on device back button by habit and the problem is the session is closed !!!

Not a solution

see this solution (use mobile)

It is a competitor of scriptcase