Back form (After Link Field )

Hi, I need return to the form (Insert) after use Link Field using the back button

Any ideas





Your screenshots are hard to follow on my laptop. But in general you need to use the return/back button which is generated by Scriptcase. If you use the back button of your browser the page will be invalid.

Thanks Albert

The first screen (INIFORM) is a form generated ScriptCase. This screen has the New button which shows me the screen insertion mode (NEWFORM).

The screen (NEWFORM) has a link field (CargaDatos) that calls the third screen (LINKFORM) one GRID where records are selected and becomes a process, this display has a back botton, I need this button to return back to screen (NEWFORM) insertion mode. But not so the back button returns me to the first screen (INIFORM).

That is odd, as I haven’t seen this behaviour before. Useually the back/return button just returns to the previous screen. Try to set this third form as modal and see what it does then? (change link properties to modal)

If it is very rare, I tested with modal, open in parent, open in another window, open in same window and not returns to the screen NEWFORM (NEW RECORD)