BACKUP Problem v6

Has anybody had a problem exporting or backing up a project? I recently installed v7 and migrated to it from v6 then decided to go back to v6 because there were to many bugs in v7.

This is when my project started to play up. After coming back to v6 I made the decision to tidy up the folder system in the project I then made a new project version 1.31 from 1.30 then tried to use 1.31 and although it had generated the code none of the apps would work until I generated them again, I restarted Scriptcase only to find that under the icon it was telling me (0) apps, although they were there once the icon was clicked. I have now gone back to my 1.30 version and again I had to re-generate the code but now it was telling me my 120 apps were back; panic over.

I thought I had better export the project so I started the export and it failed giving this error

(Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3128 bytes) in C:\Program Files (x86)\NetMake\v6\wwwroot\scriptcase\prod hird\adodb\drivers\ on line 602)

So I tried to do a backup from the option/settings menu and got the same error.

I’m getting a bit worried now as I can’t make any type of backup, version - export - or backup

Any help with this would be much appreciated.


10 min later: just found I can (Export applications) but above would still apply.

this seems to be really a problem of memory. I know this error and found that on my development server a lot of php-cgi- sessions were open.
I closed SC, stopped all phh-cgi processes and after that started SC again. The problem was solved.
Perhaps this happened to you too…

Uwe Pfeiffer

Hi Uwe
I think I have most of the problems under control; the main error above seemed to be to do with having to many versions, so I deleted most of them and the error went away. I have ended up with another error that seems to be to do with the log, after deleting the very old versions I tried to make a new one, it did that ok but when I tried to generate the code I got a CONSTANT ENCAPSED error I looked at the code page and found it was to do with the log so went in to a couple of apps and removed the access rights under the log edit and also discovered that the log name had gone.

At the moment I’m away for the weekend so will make a new log and apply it to all of the apps on my return, so will post again next week.

Thanks for your reply