Best debugging tool?

Hi Guys,

Can you suggest what is the best debugging tool for php code? I take advantage of SQL Debug provided by ScriptCase but php code’s debugging is not very easy for me.

Thank You

The ‘best’ is always depending on someone’s opinon. But a (cheap) way to start is notepad++ with the XDebug debugger.

While not the cheapest, i do use Zend development Server to debug using their zray feature.
It gives you a lot of insights into the way the code is running.

Thanks, will give it a try.

I know this is an old question and reply… but is Zend server used with Scriptcase still one of the better debugging options out there, or are there alternatives now?

I don’t develop ANYTHING in straight PHP now, as I prefer all my code to be in Scriptcase. Whats the best way to get more debug control over my scriptcase applications?


The easiest way is to use the php logger.
See for example here: