Best debugging tool?

Hi Guys,

Can you suggest what is the best debugging tool for php code? I take advantage of SQL Debug provided by ScriptCase but php code’s debugging is not very easy for me.

Thank You

The ‘best’ is always depending on someone’s opinon. But a (cheap) way to start is notepad++ with the XDebug debugger.

While not the cheapest, i do use Zend development Server to debug using their zray feature.
It gives you a lot of insights into the way the code is running.

Thanks, will give it a try.

I know this is an old question and reply… but is Zend server used with Scriptcase still one of the better debugging options out there, or are there alternatives now?

I don’t develop ANYTHING in straight PHP now, as I prefer all my code to be in Scriptcase. Whats the best way to get more debug control over my scriptcase applications?