Best Performance ??

I setup on Nginx + FastCGI + FastCGI Cache + PHP 5.6 Opcache … it’s now very fast.

Have a better config?

Windows or Linux? Can you share what you did?


Nginx, Apache… It all depends on the type of workload, which is difficult to test. Used WTServer once, but still using Uniform. Works for me.

Linux, Debian + Nginx + PHP FPM + OpCache (PHP 5.6) + FastCGI cache … lightning fast …

Believe me it’s worth, Scriptcase great, but as all we know it’s hard to work with browser based builder.
We spend hours and hours, this configuration will speed you up a lot. Maybe I record screen and upload to youtube later.

Edit: Here’s the video link:

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I update this and I think it’s very importnat for scriptcase users.
Open Lite Speed is blazing fast, I give the details:
I generate 116 applicaitons at 0.225 sec/app = 116 apps in 27 seconds
My server is Vultr VPS 8GB 4cpu @ 40$ / Month
Open Lite Speed Server + PHP 7.3

can you share video? I trying to setup my scriptcase digitalocean droplet, what should I use, lamp, lemp? apache, nginx, litespeed?

please help

you ask video of compile?
Just setup openlitespeed + php 7.3 + mariadb

Helo Sbscan, I think it’s great that openlitespeed is so fast, you may tell us how you installed scriptcase. I have a Linux Ubuntu 20.04 server already with openlitespeed, php7.3 and mariadb running, but it honestly makes it difficult for me to install scriptcase on linux. If I use the installation program … it will use apache by default … and the idea is to use openlitespeed. I appreciate you can help me… please!.