best place to link external stylesheet - html validation error


I love Font Awesome - - as you can see here in my menu

normaly the referenz schoul be placed in the header section

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">

since i don’t now how to modify the header section i placed it in the hedaer section of the menu - it works but …

Line 41 Column: 1
Error: Tag link not allowed here.
Error Position: <link rel=“stylesheet” href="//

is ther a way in SC to place it in the page header?

according to there are many more errors.

any hints here?

Thanks & Happy eastern,

Not too sure about all the other stuff but aren’t you missing the [type=“text/css”] attribute in your link-tag? Been a long time since i actually done proper webdevelopment like that but far as I can recall you need the type attribute…

Far as the problem goes, the error you put in the quote seems to show that the link-tag is cut-off, but I’m assuming that’s just a copy-pasting error.

Oh and after some googling I stumbled upon this:

<style>@import url(/styles/mystylesheet.css);</style>

Adding it on runtime does however make it so it might do a first render without the stylesheet then when it’s imported do a second render with it rather noticable if a user has poor connectivity. Although on that front I’m uncertain whether you might have the same problem with what you’re doing atm.

Oh and happy easter to you too!

[QUOTE=mITSM;35208]is ther a way in SC to place it in the page header?

I suspect making a copy of the template your page is using, placing this in the header template and using that template in your menu app is worth a try.

i would have to do this in linux via command prompt? - sorry totally new to SC -

@ hoihoi661 - thanks - that is what “they” tell me to do , and i think they should now it - hopefully -

Paste the following code into the <head> section of your site’s HTML.
<link rel=“stylesheet” href="//">


i wolud have to do this in linux via command prompt? - sorry totally new to SC -


In your app config, Menu ==> Layout ==> Visual Settings will show you the header template your menu app is currently using.

Then from main menu, Layout ==> HTML templates will allow you do what I enumerated.

put it in onApplicationInit of the menu

eventually I made myself not clear enough.

Is ther a way do modify the <head> section of the HTML OUTPUT - all the solutions above have the result that the

<link rel=“stylesheet” href="//">;

is in the body section - AND ist only valid for teh “one” application not for ALL
Thanks in advanced


@ scriptcaser - thanks for your solution - that is how i do it , but then it is in the <body> part of the html-output but I need to have it in the header

@gerd I tried “include <link rel=“stylesheet” href=”//">;" but no result at all - blnak page AND i guess it woul also be in the <body> part

attached a sample source , put it in a menu-onApplicationInit.

The result will be this:


mITSM.txt (1.22 KB)

hi Gerd

thank you - getting closer but the link is still in the body-section not in the header -

cu rob


Did you ever solve this? I have the same need.

I never tried it, but jquery can add stuff to the head element:

$(‘head’).append(’<link />’);

Hi there! I know it’s an old question, but for anyone trying this, as for version 9 of scriptcase (2019), you can put code inside the <head> tag of the HTML if you run the code in the event "onScript Init.

The documentation exemplifies this with the incorporation of libraries