Best use of subfolder on docs and images management

Hi all,

I wonder which is the best way to manage /subfolder directory into forms.
I normally use to create subfolder insertint on specific form field this sintax “/subfolder”.
I’m bit confused on different way and places where to find my recorded files. Which is the underlie logic ?

  1. Under System default folders SC has set two directories:
    For documents : C:/Program Files (x86)/Scriptcase/v7_008/wwwroot/scriptcase/file/doc
    For images : /scriptcase/file/img

Just to begin , why doc has the full path and images not ?

Then on my local environment …
I got i.e. two directories under \scriptcase\file where to find docs documents
C:\Program Files (x86)\Scriptcase\v7_008\wwwroot\scriptcase\file
-C:\Program Files (x86)\Scriptcase\v7_008\wwwroot\scriptcase\file\doc
—C:\Program Files (x86)\Scriptcase\v7_008\wwwroot\scriptcase\file\doc\my_documents_doc
—C:\Program Files (x86)\Scriptcase\v7_008\wwwroot\scriptcase\file\doc\my_vendorinvoices_doc

-C:\Program Files (x86)\Scriptcase\v7_008\wwwroot\scriptcase\file\img
—C:\Program Files (x86)\Scriptcase\v7_008\wwwroot\scriptcase\file\img\my_documents_img
—C:\Program Files (x86)\Scriptcase\v7_008\wwwroot\scriptcase\file\img\my_members_img
—C:\Program Files (x86)\Scriptcase\v7_008\wwwroot\scriptcase\file\img\my_products_img

Then under my project application I found also these directories:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Scriptcase\v7_008\wwwroot\scriptcase\app\Z_ASSOCIATION_lib\img
—C:\Program Files (x86)\Scriptcase\v7_008\wwwroot\scriptcase\app\Z_ASSOCIATION_lib\img\my_documents_img
—C:\Program Files (x86)\Scriptcase\v7_008\wwwroot\scriptcase\app\Z_ASSOCIATION_lib\img\my_members_img
—C:\Program Files (x86)\Scriptcase\v7_008\wwwroot\scriptcase\app\Z_ASSOCIATION_lib\img\my_products_img
—C:\Program Files (x86)\Scriptcase\v7_008\wwwroot\scriptcase\app\Z_ASSOCIATION_lib\img\my_payments_img

Are they the same of \scriptcase\file\img ? Are they a sincronized copy ?
Why the last directory \img\my_payments_img is not present under \scriptcase\file\img ??
Why under the project application directories I do not find any reference for document files ??
I expected the same management of images.

When you deploy a project and copy it to production server are these directories and files copied there too ??
If I’m not wrong I can’t find the images and docs I’ve recorded locally.
Is it necessary to create and copy the same directories and files into production server ?? Very complex.

Could you please explain which is the logic and the right way to manage this topic ?
Many thanks

Funny nobody can answer your questions. I have made some similar questions, and there is no response. The documentation and videos are really missing on this issue. I am close to giving up the whole Scriptcase project, due to these problems.