Blank error handler window - Login button unresponsive

I would not say that this is a bug, so I decided to post this question here…I am having an issue that I am really not sure how to fix.This installation has been working fine until now.

When going to the login page, a blank window “<ScriptCase> Error Handler” pops up and appears to keep refreshing over and over again (but it’s just a blank page with no error).

If I close/minimize it and try to log in, the login button does not do anything. Neither do the language change buttons at the bottom or “Forgot your password?”

I checked the logs and there isn’t anything recent.

BUT…on the blank error handler window, I can right-click and view source to see the line with “Log file successfully created” with the path to the log file it generated on the server…the problem is that the log file is not actually there…

Not sure what’s going on. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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UPDATE: Problem has been solved. In the case that anyone else ever runs into this, the issue was that the ScriptCase directory on the server had incorrect ownership set. After the owner was changed to apache, it started working again.

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SOLVED - Different cause

Thanks for the clues that helped me solve this - I hit the same problem, but in my case it was runninig out of disk space.

I had just backed up for an update, and it created a large(ish) backup file (92 MB) (which I’d downloaded) but a copy was left in the /home/dutydoct/public_html/scriptcase9/tmp directory.

As this made it go over quota it couldn’t write any other files and so kept cycling through the error every 0.2 seconds or so.

Manually deleting the large file took it back under quota and it allowed me to log in.