BLOB to Image file

I wonder what type of image format is stored in the BLOB field of the onlineshop application that comes with SC. I tried to extract the BLOB DATA out and save it to an image file but it does not work. I looked at the BLOB data, it seems to be some sort of binary data.

However, when I have the image display in the online shop application, and then right click to save the image file, then save it back to the Database as a new record, I can successfully extract the data out and save it as an image file.

Can anyone show me what is the best way to extract the BLOB data out and save it as an external image file using php?


Did you resolve your question ?

I have the same oneā€¦
I need to save the VarBinary data of a MSSQL database into a file in my local disk.


The blob is stored according to the adodb libraries, see the dir _lib\prod hird\adodb for example in
there you see that a special conversion is being done. More files are of importance tho.

in other words if i decipher that I can save my BLOB field data into a File ?