Bracket faulty syntax with url link in Onrecord Grid

Hi There,

i can’t seem to get the code right. i have a field with a button (css works fine) with a link to an external URL. in onRecord of the grid i use

{TEAMS}="<button onclick=‘window.location.href=‘’;’ class=‘button button1’>2px"; //example

so that the field teams shows a button and when pressed goes to the link. but nothing happens. i think it’s the “https://…” syntax that is faulty but i don’t know which brackets to use.

this is what it should look like btw

{TEAMS}="<button onclick=‘window.location.href=’{url}’;’ class=‘button button1’>2px";

any suggestions. it’s a bracket thing, but i’m all out of options

found the answer

{TEAMS}='<a href="'.{ILP_rooster.wk_url}.'" target="_blank" class="button button1">NAAR TEAMS</a>';

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