Browser back arrows do not work in any application

Tacking text from previous old post…“Almost everywhere on the world wide web with any browser, the use of the browser’s back arrow means “GO BACK TO THE PREVIOUS SCREEN” in 100% of the time, the user is always taken back to the previous screen.”
I don’t know how to explain to users that browser back arrow NOT WORK for any SC application.
Am I wronging something or are there parameters to set somewhere to have that kind of standard behavior ?

Actually I don’t understand what you mean. In general you will get a warning that you can ignore. The back button is intended for use in a browser to go back to a previous screen. But within an application with session status most users would like to be able to disable that button. Honestly, in webapplications SC responds as most of the other app’s I use.

All my applications done by SC go in error when you use the browser arrow back button.
You have to use only SC buttons to go for instance to previous form/grid… etc.
Am I missing something on settings ?
This is the reply of support : …[SIZE=2]because the scriptcase uses cache to save the informations. Each browser works with different way, the treatement of cache is differents.
For this reason the applications have the navigation.

Does it makes sense ? I’m not a programmer…;-((
All users complain about this issue[/SIZE]

The reason is because you cannot double post and to prevent application issues the browser ‘protects’ you for it. It’s very common behaviour and something that is bound to webapplications, not webpages. There are some javascripts out there that disables the use of the prev button of your browser, but it does not work on all browsers. Don’t expect SC to solve this issue as this is not an SC issue.

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OK, thanks Albert…