Browser Tab Icon

How do I change my browser icon for the application?
Thus when I run the application in production the icon associated with browser tab is one I personally select.
FYI: I do see how to change it in each application header.

You can’t define that within your project afaik, but you can always put your own favicon.ico into your root to change.

Really late, but Albert you are wrong. This way works for me:
In the menu it put
//in onApplicationInit
<link rel=“shortcut icon” href="…/path_to_icon/xyz.ico">

That will work because you’re changing the icon during html interpretation.

I think what Albert meant is: There isn’t an/ a option/place inside scriptcase where you can define this.
But doing manually will work, like most of the out-of-the-box scripts and business rules people make with our events.

I have a name in my browser tab that I do not remember setting.
Anyone know how to change this?

I stumbled across this looking for the same solution lewis200 was searching for. FWIW and in hopes it helps someone else, on mine it was set in my Menu application, “Header and Footer” section, in the “Application Title”.

Hope it saves others some time.