Bug - cannot get decimals on chart

If you create a chart in SC9, based on a metric field which is Decimal or Float, the chart ignores anything after the decimal point. So a value of 4.2 shows on the graph as 4.

Under the metric field, you can change the Data Type from “Integer” to “Decimal”. You can also specify the number of decimal places. For instance, I can tell it to set the decimal places to 2. But then 4.2 gets shown on the chart as 4.00 so the underlying value is still getting rounded.

I can see this has been mentioned by several people on the forum but I cannot see any resolution or workaround.

Please can you comment and correct urgently? The charts are no good for detailed work like blood test results unless we can show decimal precision.



I’m afraid the this is not a SC bug.

SC uses FusionCharts component to generate charts and unfortunately they don’t offer support to get decimals on metrics depending on the value.

However, you can try to increase the lines on the Y-axis(Metric) as a workaround. To do that, click on “theme” in chart’s menu and then in “Div Lines & Grids” and set the “Amount of horizontal lines” to maximum.

I have the same problem. (Version 9.4.031)
Here in the demo, however, are displayed in decimal: