Bug in Application Link

I create grid with sql statement. Here is the sql statement :

FROM business_plant_bpl
LEFT JOIN entity_ent ON business_plant_bpl.bpl_ent_sn_fk = entity_ent.ent_sn_pk

then I create application link to the form, in the form property I turn on “Enable navigation button on target application” and also “Maintain the WHERE clause in the target application”.

I run the grid and do “Quick Search” then I click the pencil to edit the data. The error shows up.

This error won’t happen if I only use 1 table. But if I use more than 1 table, it will display the error.
Is it bug or I miss something to setup ?

application link.PNG

sounds like a bug to me.

You might try:

FROM business_plant_bpl bp, entity_ent e WHERE bp.business_plant_bpl.bpl_ent_sn_fk = e.entity_ent.ent_sn_pk

where you change the fieldnames accordingly. It might be that the sql parser knows how to handle this.

I don’t think it will ever work, because you cannot create a form based on multiple tables.
Depending on your use case you have to create a view or use global variables, which will be passed
to the form, and custom fields.



Do you use the last release of Scriptcase?
I create a sample application grid based in two table, create a Link to form in side menu Link > New Link > Application, I searched some record in quick search and click in pencil, the link work fine to form application.

I used the sql below in grid, using tables of Samples2.0 project of the Scriptcase :
city c INNER JOIN states s
ON s.stateid = c.stateid

Please, send me these application and database for we check better the problem, to email bugs@netmake.com.br

Best regard
Netmake team