Bug/Suggestion Tracking

Dear Scriptcase,

I see you’ve been busy squashing Bugs. :slight_smile:

I have a suggestion on how the Bugs or Suggestions can be mapped when you post updates for the ChangeLog.

For each Bug or Suggestion you could assign a code like…

For bugs: “BUG-YYYY-#####” or
For SuggestSugges"SUG-YYYY-#####"

In this way you can track and map these issues and we the developers can see what was addressed easily.

You could further move bug/suggestion posts to a completed forum section leaving active issues

I’d hate to burst your bubble, but your suggestion - albeit a noble one - pretty much defies our (and most probably your) every standard as we’re pretty much are all hardcore dev geeks. Have you imagined for a split second how messy a database would look if the end-user was to determine the primary key?

Forgive me my Dutch direct way of putting it out there; but it would be a mess. If only there was a rapid application design tool on this planet, with a mind for databases that could make it easier to make a decent system… oh wait. Aren’t you sort of at the core of this whole ordeal?

All sarcasm put aside; of course you’ve got a good idea here. Don’t get me wrong. But, either re-invent the wheel on Scriptcase or use one of the may bugtracking tools out there. I’m sure the rest of the Scriptcase community would love an orderly manner of splattering bugs.


Why would this expose the “Primary Key”. It would not. I see that you are someone who seams to have an ax to grind. Please take that outside and let the developers work. We are only here to make great applications for our users or personal use and to help NetMake improve upon one of the BEST RAD tools available.

Yes there are some rough edges. Take a look at and RAD software, but the mere fact that Scriptcase allows for such a flexible and robust database support speaks volumes.

My proverbial axe has little to do with this, if anything it seems more like you’re a bit fed up with people being unsatisfied. Which, I can wholeheartedly understand. I’m not against you and/or the Scriptcase dev team - quite the opposite, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. It’s sort of natural for any dev to feel rubbed the wrong way once an end user and/or other dev has an opinion; I get that. We’re not people persons, we’re computer persons ;). But, let us focus on the matter at hand (which is still a good idea) instead of who said what in which manner.

I was merely trying to point out the issue of trusting in people not to make a mess of things when they’re asked to follow a certain protocol which has no control mechanism. Scriptcase hasn’t got a ton of checks on user input because users can be trusted with following syntaxis.

Fair enough
Getting back to the suggestion. As a Bug or Suggestion comes in and is reviewed a ?reference? can be assigned.

For bugs: “BUG-YYYY-#####” or
For Suggestions: “SUG-YYYY-#####”

The above IS NOT a Key but can be a reference to a Bug or Suggestion that NetMake implements in an upcoming release of Scriptcase. Users can then see that these issues relate directly back to ones placed in the Forums.

So when you see NetMake saying that a Bug was fixed and see their description of it you would also see the reference from above that directly corresponds to a Bug or Suggestion in the Forums.