BUG: "View password characters" on login screen: toggle shows up under the password field

I tried to use the new “View password characters”. It works well within Control applications with Text field defined as “Password field”.
I followed the youtube video t oset up the same thing on the login screen generated with the Security module. They explained it fast and it is supposed to display as below. Please read after next printscreen.


I ran a check on the login application generated by the Security module and I got the following:

So I modified the HTML file like below

And I’m getting the toggle under the field instead of beside. How can I get it beside please ?


Hi Scriptcase team.
Please take a look at this because this is an issue that you have shown in a video about SC 9.5 feature and it does not work with the security module of 9.4.
Thanks in advance.

I had the same problem.
Here my code works :


sc v9.5.003

Thanks a lot. I’ll give it a try.