Buttons missing when logged in

Hi All
We have built a complex application and struck an issue with a particular grid form combo

  • If we run the grid, buttons appear on the top of the grid as expected. When we access the form buttons again appear as expected
  • If we navigate to the same grid directly via login with security switched on there are no buttons on either the grid or the form

Any tips very welcome
We can provide any data needed
Thanks - Mike

If you switch on security, then the security tables must consist the application that are involved here. The question that pops up here are:

  • have you synchronized your application into the security module
  • have you applied the rights in the security table on that module for the logged in user?


Hi Aducom
Both good points - thanks. We’re going to rebuild security and see how that goes
We’ll post back
Thanks very much for a quick and helpful response

Hi Albert - thanks very much for your recommendation. In the end we rebuilt the security system and it’s working fine
Thanks again

I have the same problems. After doping some research online, I have found there are tons of reports of a same kind. I have several apps (grid/Form) combo type. All of them work perfectly fine when the grid is opened from SC, but then the same grid is opened through the menu the Edit buttons are missing.
This issue has been going for years and I wonder if anybody found some quick way to workaround this SC bug ?
Rebuilding entire security apps in our project would be a 2+ days work and huge waste of time and energy.

Just working through our experience we feel quite sure that the problem came about due to adding a new app and not syncing it with the security subsytem properly. If so then this might help - expanding on Albert’s comments

  • Version the project and remove the security subsystem. That should isolate security as the cause
  • Carefully check any changes to the login control app especially around any changes made
  • Check the scriptcase system for issues by creating a separate project which just implements a sample simple security model

If these steps don’t yield any answers then

  • Go back to your original app
  • Check that the problematic grid is properly registered with security
  • Check the prob. grid is registered properly

Let us know if there is anything more we can offer

I know this is an older thread, but it just solved the problem of my missing buttons. I never had go into security and make sure the application was selected and access permissions, but in this update I had to do that. Once I did that…buttons magically appeared.

Thanks to Aducom for pointing me to security. So relieved!