Calendar Title and Description Fields - No Word Wrap?

The current Calendar implementation seems to wrap text within the calendar view based on the available width of the ‘box’ within which the text is to be displayed - the wrapping is, therefore, arbitrary as far as the words are concerned. This means that every line in the title or description most probably ends in the middle of a word, with the word continuing on the next line. It looks sloppy and messy.

I tried to use the PHP word-wrap() function and saving the pre-formatted text to the DB, which works, but of course it has no knowledge of the probable width of the device/browser window/calendar box at run time, so you are guessing what width value may work - and it could look even worse.

There is also no “onRecord” type event so there is no ability to intercept the row data before it is displayed.

I just wanted to confirm that no-one else has found a word-wrap option in the calendar app anywhere, or found a way to work around having all the text in the Title and Description fields chopped up everywhere.