called a grid in a master detail

Hello, good day.
I have a grid with a link application to create and edit records, it works perfectly, but then when I add the grid in a master detail buttons to create and edit disappear, that happens only when I call the grid as detail.
Anyone know how to correct this since you need o call this grid from the detail.
I remain attentive, thank you very much.

tengo el mismo problema


Capture links don’t work in Child mode. sorry.

Los vinculos de captura no fucnionan cuando configuras el grid como hijo de otro.


Apologies if I have the wrong end of the stick here…

The thing is - they should work, but they don’t. Raised this as a bug a while back, and revisited this only recently…

If you right-click in the iframe containing your child grid, and choose “refresh frame” - the “pencils” magically appear (providing you have enabled the relevant bits on the link properties - “enable button to edit a grid record”). Clearly they should appear from the outset, but they don’t.

See this thread for more details and possible workarounds (far from ideal):

A work around you can do is to make a link to the capturing application in the onrecord event.


Yep that’s worth a try, but that won’t make any toolbar buttons appear if you have those :frowning: