Can I use Function in "Initial value"?

In a form, of type Editable Grid, I want set as initial value of a field the result of a function like this
Initial value: DefaultValue(“id”)

It’s possible.
There are alternatives?

The only solution I found is to use the Ajax event onFocus on the first field but is not an optimal solution.


I answer myself: is not possible; the content of the “Initial value” is reported as is in the field.
Then, which event appen just before the editing by the user?


If you want to set the value on insert only, check if the id field is empty.

Gunter Eibl

The correct event is onLoadRecord.
I code this:
if(strlen({reg_id}) === 0) // Nuovo record
{naz_id} = ValorePredefinito(“tab_regioni”,“naz_id”);

and it’s ok