Can not download an attachment file in grid.


i have a problem with downloading an attachment file in grid, some of the files can be downloaded, but others can not. The file that can’t be downloaded, got an error like this :

“Notice: Undefined offset: 18 in C:\scriptcase\wwwroot\scriptcase\app\folder1 asks_detail_attachment asks_detail_attachment_doc.php on line 36 The file does not exist: a.png” .

and, when i try to download another file (in the same grid), i got different error :

“The file does not exist: b.png” .

fyi : the files have been uploaded and exist in the database.

any solution for this bug? Thanks.

Yes, is it a bug. I need a new version with this fix.

Dear scriptcase team, can you help me how to fixed this? i don’t have any idea to fix it… almost 2 weeks but it has not been resolved as well.

I am now facing this problem, please help

Can not believe that this bug (2015) still exist in (2018) :mad:

It is 2021 now and the bug is still exist !!!