Can not migrate SC8.1 projects to SC9

My old SC8.1 resides on an Ubuntu server. I setup a new Ubuntu 16.04 server for SC9. The new SC works fine. My problem is when I try to migrate 8.1 projects to 9. I enter the SC path for the old server - /var/www/html/scriptcase81. ([SIZE=12px]I’ve connected via SSH into the old server and know for sure that the path is correct.) [/SIZE]Then I select “Another Server” and enter the IP address ("[SIZE=12px]Servidor") of my new machine. I’m greeted with the following message: “The Scriptcase version 8 Path, is incorrect.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12px]I’m confused how this would even work. No where am I asked for login credentials to the old Ubuntu machine. How does SC9 gain access to another machine without a username and password?[/SIZE]

Has anyone gotten the migrating to work with Ubuntu in the equation? If so, how?

Hello, i found the same… 9/discussion-ab/76858-convert-function-really