Can not view my scriptcase apps on any mobile device - help!

I have a big issue that I’m hoping to get some insite on. I have two versions of Scriptcase. 7.1 and 8.1. Both programs reside on different machines because I needed a more portable server. Unfortunately, because of this I could not move and convert my Scriptcase 7.1 programs from one machine to 8.1 on the other so I have to keep both until I can remake the programs in 8.1. But the issue I’m having is none of my programs, 7.1 or 8.1 are accessible via a mobile device. I can access them on a pc or laptop but I get a can not connect error when trying to load on any mobile (tablet, smartphone, android, windows, apple etc). I naturally assumed that it was a server connection issue. I use wamp server 5.4 (because I am server illiterate and can’t set one up myself) and have been pulling my hair out trying to work with the techs. They told me to create a virtual host, which I did and nothing. No response since. Has anyone else experienced this issue, in scriptcase or with their server? If so, what did you do to fix it? I don’t know if this is truly a server issue since things according to them are set up correctly or if this is a possible scriptcase issue with loading to a mobile device. Any info you guys can share would be greatly appreciated!

Why not make a full copy of your SC7 on your 8.1 environment? Then you could make the conversion because it only requests for a directory of your programs afaik.
Then regarding your mobile, you mean you cannot access the test environment or your uploaded applications? You cannot connect to your local wamp server? If you want to have access to your local wamp server then you need to be sure that it listens to all ip’s, not only localhost. The scriptcase server listens to a certain port. If you use your mobile you need to have (wifi) access to your server. But standard it will ‘talk’ over port 80, not the SC port.

In wamp, open your apache.conf and try to find out at which port it listens (useually 80) and if it listens to all ip’s in stead of only localhost or
Then create a small html index page with ‘hello world’.
Find out the ip of your webserver. (Dos box -> ipconfig) or look into your router. If you have a floating ip then set it fixed in your router so that your pc with wamp always has the same ip.
Connect to your local server: 168.x.x.x or 192.x.x.x /index.htm
If you get a connect error then look into your router and see your blacklists, whitelists, firewall etc. This needs to work well.
If you want to connect from your 3G 4G or webbrowsers from outside you need to setup your router to forward the port 80 calls to your wamp pc.
If that all works then you can access your deployed scriptcase instances.

Thank you for your help! It’s very appreciated. I did find out one wildly weird thing about the whole situation. Normally I test in my home office. I have had no luck seeing the scriptcase programs I have deployed onto my webserver with a mobile device. Last night I was at my daughters school waiting for her and I thought why not give it a try here. I was able to see my deployed programs on my phone! Came home and tried it, nothing! Well at home I’m connected to our wifi which is the same router that my server is connected to. So I turned off the wifi connection and used my 4g service and was able to get in with no issue on my phone! Still can’t see deployed programs from my tablet tho. Thanks again for your help!