Can SC6 and SC7 be installed SAFELY on same PC?

Hi guys,
I have been using SC6 for over a year. I love it, but I am waiting for the growing pains to be worked out of 7 before I even start converting my projects. However, I was going to install 7 and test it out , but I want advice as to your experiences, namely, can I install SC7 on the same Win7 PC that my SC6 has been installed on, without it screwing up my SC6 install/settings/apache/ and projects. I can’t afford any disruption to my coding.


Yes you can install v7 on same computer.

I have v5, v6 and v7 on same computer. But I backed up V6 directory and did a fill SC backup of all my projects.
Cheer mate… Paul

Hi Jamie, no problem with installing SC6 and SC7 on the same computer, I have both versions installed, each its own webserver installed, version 6 uses port 86 and the version 7 uses port 97. And every installation is independent, each uses its own database projects. In the installation instructions suggest turning off the version 6 before starting the installation of version 7. When you’re ready install the license and then you import the projects to the new version 7.

Its nice to hear from you that people are caring in the modern world. Thanking you for info.