Cannot Import Projects

Using Scriptcase 9.9.015(188).
After last two pdates I cannot import projects anymore. Depending on the backup date I either get an Error message saying it was not created with this SC version OR I get through the update to the point where it asks to click OPEN and nothing happens.

Reported the problem to NETMAKE but all they say is: “it should work…”. Pathetic :frowning:
I also tried to restore the entire project database throguh SC > OPTIONS >SETTINGS > RESOTRE and I get errors as well ("wrong SC version). Obviously all projects were created with recent (but not most recent SC version).
It looks like they screwed something up, but I am hoping for some kind of workaround…

I wonder if it is only me or anybody else have had this or similar issue.

Hello, you can try the following steps:

  1. On the backup server, create a backup.
  2. Copy this backup to the restore server.
    maybe your file like

For Windows, the path is: ....wwwroot\scriptcase\backup

  1. Extract the backup into this folder. Ensure that your project is also in folder form (sc_backup12345 Folder).
  2. Open Scriptcase on the restore server.
  3. Proceed to restore, select the folder where you have extracted the backup, and then perform the restoration.

Good luck!