Cannot run Scriptcase after upgrading to macOS Big Sur

I have upgraded my machine to macOS Big Sur. Scriptcase was working fine before I did this but now all I get when accessing is an Internal Server Error. localhost works fine in my browser with the ‘It Works!’ response. Does anyone know what I need to do to get Scriptcase working please.

I have resolved de issue by adding ServerName localhost:8090 on apachesc9-php73.conf file (/Applications/Scriptcase/v9-php73/components/apache/conf)

You have to reboot the system

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We made some tests in our environment and there were no problems.

Make sure if you are using Scriptcase with PHP 7.3, the correct port to use is 8091 (in authomatic installation).

Could you tell us if the problem persists? If yes, tell us with more details, how is your configuration.

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