Can't connect to prod environment

Hi Everybody,

I’ve just copy all the directories of my projet from my PC to my linux server (production environnement).

_lib directory and others are located on my server in /home/GestionCabinet/www/

For the moment, I don’t have a domain name for this project.

I try to connect the first time in order to configure my db connection like this : http://221...***/GestionCabinet/www/_lib
It doesn’t work and I receive an error “file not found”

All my directories and files are in permission 777

Coud you help me ?

Best Regards,

Check if you have uploaded it all. Look into the _lib directory. If you haven’t set your webserver up to start index.php/index.htm(l) then you have to point to the full file path. Hope this helps.

Check out here:
I guess you didnt make a proper deployment…

Thank you for your replies. It works now.