Can't get PDF Header to display

I have a PDF report that is working great with one exception - I cannot get a header to display.
I am trying to put some text in the indicated header area and have been trying things for two days now and dont know what it takes to get something to appear.

The report is a multi-record report, and this part is fine. I have a background image that I use and that is a guide for positioning the cell data.

Please see the attachments. If anyone can tell me how to get a header to show up, I would be grateful.

Here is my PDF output. I want something in the red circled area

I tried adding some code to the layout logic. It does nothing.

I edited the generated file and change the setPrintHeader setting to True but it doesnt help.


Here is the main settings page for my report - nothing even mentioned anywhere about a header.





Does anyone from SC monitor these forums? Pretty useless otherwise it seems. There are a lot of unanswered questions in here.

I did figure this out if anyone is interested.
I had to create a new file that creates a class which extends the TCPDF class and change the generated code from scriptcase to include my extended class file instead of the tcpdf.php file.
Then I changed the setPrintHeader and setPrintFooter to (true) instead of (false).
Now I have a header and a footer on my PDF.

Can you please share it in SCRIPTCASE -ENGLISH Facebook group.

Check out here:

// remove default header/footer
This needs to be before various other functions. Once the header is set to false or true, the header will (or not) be handled…
The scriptcase pdf functions sc_pdf_… are actually the standard tc pdf functions. You can use the standard tc pdf routines as well…

You really need to update documentation for TCPDF and SC_ macros. There is almost nothing in there. As usuall the most important part of SC documentation is very bad. Please update the MACRO section. You just listing the macro’s with no syntax, no example etc. On top of that there are bugs in IDE

how to create a class?
$this->PDF->setPrintHeader(true); where to write this?
i need a header in my pdf creator app.