Change or gide summary total value

Hi all
I have a field called ProCons on a grid (added after create, it isn?t a database field) and sum this field with another.
How I can hide this total field? Or change value of total?
{sum_ProCons} = 0; don’t work…

Mario Wojcik

Did you find the solution?


Don’t know it it will solve your issue, but I had some cases with grid apps where I tried to do something with virtual fields that didn’t work just because they weren’t database fields.

In my case I solved it by removing the virtual fields and add them to the app sql select.

If for example I had created a virtual field named field1, I removed it and changed the app sql select like this:
SELECT …, 0 as field1 FROM …

By doing this, the added fields are seen by SC as database fields