Charts - drill-down impossible if x-axis element has an int character

Scriptcase seems to handle URL encoding of international characters wrong - in regards of ?drill downs? (syntetic views) of HTML charts/pies (Fusioncharts HTML graphics). This occur for syntetic views of bars/pies, from what I’ve discovered because URL links/javascript calls to underlaying XML file presentations from x-axis elements (grouped dimension) is not URL encoded correctly. For those of us with a non-english language this is a very annoying error.

Let me underline that elements without any international characters (ie Romerikes Blad from the example below) is working perfect and as expected.

The problem is not the content itself in the XML-file (which has expected character coding), but the JS call to the URL encoded name of the XML content loaded to drill-down in syntetic views. Here international characters get some strange URL conversions, and will cause an error when trying to load the XML data Fusionchart presentation because the file name called is not correct (due to the wrongly set URL encoding).


This disqualify Scriptcase as a graphic presentation tool when x-axis elements has international characters - as mine will usually always have (norwegian language). For me this is a serious error in Scriptcase, and in reality force me to drop every aspect of the Fusionchart functionality.

This is not related to the application character coding, as the XML content is perfectly set and have the correct characters conversions done. The problem is the JS call to the tmp XML file - and the name Scriptcase expect to find if the x-axis element has one international character.

I suggest that the Scriptcase dev team use some data (a grouped element on the x-axis with the character ? as an example) with the example below - and they should quickly discover the error

Let me explain:

  1. One X-axis text element has an international character. Example: Gl?mdalen

  2. Scriptcase will generate an XML-file in a tmp directory, and load this file by a call when the user click this element in the Fusionchart bar/pie (due to a syntetic view, when working will give us awesome drill-down functionality).

This XML file name will have in?s original international characters set:


sc_prodcharge_overview_odnh0dc9qlnafiikodpdrep0s7_ 1_1_Gl?mdalen AS

So far, so good. File is created, and content as expected with correct character coding.



  1. But then the Javascript generated from Scriptcase will try to load this file. This will will fail due to a wrong URL encoding of the file name.
    The ? character should normally be URL encoded to: Gl%E5mdalen

Scriptcase instead convert this string to Gl%EF%BF%BDmdalen.

When Scriptcase then try to call the XML data for this x-axis element, the XML file name will be called to

sc_prodcharge_overview_odnh0dc9qlnafiikodpdrep0s7_ 1_1_Gl%EF%BF%BDmdalen%20AS

This will fail due to the wrong URL encoding of the ? character, and the XML file presentation will abort because this file name does not exists.

Result is that Scriptcase is not able to load the underlaying XML presentation of the x-axis element, giving this error message:


My Scriptcase version is 8.1.48. Windows version.

I’ve tried different encodings (UTF-8, ISO-8859-1 and ISO-8859-10) for the Scriptcase project - nothing helps here. Same problem.

In Norway/Denmark we have three special letters that sometimes gives us headache: ?,? and ?. Hopefully someone in the Scriptcase dev team can find a fix for this case…