Class 'services_JSON' not found

I’ve installed from scratch a new LAMP server (debian 10.10, PHP 7.3.29) and I’ve deployed my application.

When I try to navigate among grid pages I have this error:

Class ‘services_JSON’ not found in …/index.php

The reported code line has the following statement:
$oJson = new Services_JSON();

In dev environment everything seems to work perfectly.

Any suggestion?


I met the same problem.

Check if the module php7.3-json is installed

apt install php7.3-json

Do you know how to check and install json in windows?

I found my grid application folder missed a file grid_xxxx_json.php file.
If I export the file to server directly, the grid_xxxx_json.php will be generated.
If I export the file to a zip file, the grid_xxxx_json.php will be missed.

Maybe this is a scriptcase bug.