Clear the emprty space surrounding message or modal

How to clear the emprty space surrounding message or modal ?

Do you want a full-screen message or a modal? I never managed this. What you can do is create a message form and redirect. If you send the origin, then you can put a button on the message form to go back.

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Thank you for response, But I want to clear a space surrounding confirm message.
Because, After I login

It show this message

So, I want to show only this message

I understand. But I can’t answer the question unfortunately.

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OK, Thank you for response.
But did you know that this is a bug in Scriptcase?

No, I think this is the way SC works. But I’m not from SC, so they have to judge this issue themselves. But I agree, it looks ugly.

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there is recently toast way to message added, perhaps it gives beter results,
you need to youtube it , there was a demo some time ago.


Thank you very much.
Can you please send me the link to this video?

I think this one