Close of Modal form refresh calling App

Good evening,

I have seen this question posted before but the posts were older and did not exactly cover my scenario.

I have a form that lists customer notes and on that form I have an add note button link that brings up my modal form to add a note.
When the modal form closes how can I have it refresh the calling application so that it shows all notes (even the one just entered)

Like this:

we create JavaScript Methods: upd_parent
window.parent.location.reload ();
Then we call this from onAfterUpdate

sc_ajax_javascript (‘upd_parent’);

Or take another path like this:

echo "<script>
window.parent.location.reload ();
</script> ";

But this is unfortunately very unfriendly to the user, as we get a browser confirmation window, which to me is very annoying.

is there any reasons why you’re using a from to show notes and a modal form to add them?
if you used a grid to show and a modal form to add, you’ll get the grid refreshed automatically by SC.

Good afternoon,

The list of tickets is a grid app but it is the the detail part of a master/detail relationship. Perhaps I am missing something in this setup that would work better?

@rik I will have to try this and let you know. I worked around it for now by creating a custom button.

Thanks for the assistance everyone.



Did you find a solution with master/detail for don’t have a browser confirmation ?