CLoud hosting experience?

Has anyone tried out the hosting Scriptcase offers?
I am wanting to use it as a devlopment environment and then push to AWS for production.
Could it handle that?

Hi, I’ve a SC developer plus host service, basically is like a VPS with domains, disk space and ip (optional)
The server is managed by SC host team. You can report any issue and they reply in-short
The support here is much better than SC product
An important thing is you are not sysadmin of the VPS, so you can not install any sotware or service. Only you can set up your(s) domain(s), the site, php config, etc.
In my case I move the software to a server in a cloud provider by ftp service and it works fine

If you want manage your own server including SC environment, you have other options like dedicated servers and VPS servers


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