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Has anyone done any development work with CodeCharge Studio (CCS) , , and then compared the functionality with ScriptCase? I have used CCS and am trying to decide if I should move to ScriptCase. It has taken over 3 years since the last CCS upgrade and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of new functionality besides the ribbon bar. Any help is appreciated.

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if you don’t miss any important features in CCS I would not change to SC because you will have to recreate the whole application… a lot, a lot of work…

Every code generater has it’s own good and bad sides…

If you are sure that CSS is not longer the right platform for you … I would think about changing.
Among the codegeneratores I knew SC is one of the best … but support is weak … but they are working on it.

Uwe Pfeiffer

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Like you I have been using CodeCharge Studio for many years.
I have only just started using ScriptCase and am yet to really get to grips with it so probably don’t fully understand its potential but these are my observations:

    [li]The pace of CCS development is terrible. One new version every 2-3 years[/li] [li]CCS updates is poor. Patches are sporadic and they sometimes provide personal patches for individuals, which is crazy.[/li] [li]CCS Support is ok. The CCS forum is excellent. Lots of willing contributors and often the best way of resolving problems[/li] [li]The CCS development environment is very flexible indeed. You can do nearly anything BUT...[/li] [li]If you want to integrate CCS with third-party frameworks, e.g. JQuery, you can but it doesn't fully support them and it can get fussy where you put your code.[/li] [li]Most experienced CCS users tend not to use some of the CCS supported features, e.g. tabs, date picker, but instead use CCS just as a basic code generator and then style the pages themselves[/li] [li]The latest version of CCS has more flexibility for themes and custom layout/styling[/li] [li]The latest version of CCS has a data dictionary layer, similar to SC but with additional support for events as part of the data dictionary.[/li] [li]The strength of SC seems to lie in its superior range of field types[/li] [li]SC has some great time-saving features such as automatic lookups[/li] [li]The way SC organises javascript code, and php code is well devised including libraries[/li] [li]While SC doesn't have the same blank canvas approach as CCS, you can quickly create robust layouts with multiple tabs, nested tabs, accordian panels[/li] [li]CCS has more events (although you do need to learn how and when to use them) [/li] [li]CCS can be very infuriating. Some things can take an age to work out because of the peculiar way it works in some respects. The example packs are out of date and so a lot of consulting the forum is required.[/li] [li]My only concern about ScriptCase is how flexible it is if you need to start doing some exotic things, both in terms of layout and custom programming (without having to hack the code and break the ability of update your applications). I am at an early stage of learning SC though...[/li] [li]ScriptCase updates are regular. Patches every couple of weeks. That is a big bonus and something that a developer should certainly appreciate. A company that is constantly improving its products. This is one of the most appealing features of SC. [/li] [li]ScriptCase documentation is a disaster for English speakers. But don't let that put you off![/li] [li]SC code is quite long. A single SC "application" contains 20 files = 660kb. The equivalent CCS form - 3 files = 40kb. I did a very rough and ready test on two similar forms and SC took 1.14 seconds to load, CCS took 0.473ms to load (twice as fast). [/li]

I have made the move from CodeCharge to ScriptCase and will let you know in time my more measured verdict!

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scriptcase is the best web application builder and codecharge is the best website builder :slight_smile:

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Edit: Please do not advertise 3rd party commercial tools.

A single SC “application” contains 20 files = 660kb. The equivalent CCS form - 3 files = 40kb. I did a very rough and ready test on two similar forms and SC took 1.14 seconds to load, CCS took 0.473ms to load (twice as fast). [/li]

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