Complete Hotel PMS software sources to sell


After 35 years of works with my software company, I will stop my career at 60 years. For that I want to propose a copy of my complete hotel software at who is interested.
You can take a look :

The software is in 4 languages : English, French, Dutch, Turkish and used by a lot of site in different countries.
Build on 2 main modules : Room division and Conference division, actually in SC9.6
Multi -users, multi currencies with a “accounting module” who can be used in all countries with an easy setup.
All reports are made with iReport
There is a bidirectional interface with channel manager software : Octorate and Cubilis
IT contains a WSDL web service for 3th party software as POS systems for example, for sending a Room Charge, Telephone call invoicing etc… …

If interested please send me an email with an offer :