condition checking to display records


​I have created a grid and there is one field that will contain the “user_login_id”.

I need to do condition checking to only display the record based on the user who login. Eg. My login id is “A001” and the grid record has “A001” under the “user_login_id” field, I am able to see the record otherwise I cannot see the record.

​1. How can I detect the user_login_id to check who login to the application? Do I need to do a declaration first eg. $_SESSION[“user_id”]={login}? If yes, where should I declared, is it under my app_login application onValidateSuccess event?

​2. After which I need to go to my grid application and do the checking under onApplicationInit event?

​Please kindly advise. Thanks.

Into event OnloadRecord you can do you validate.