Connection to database on new database server error

Today we moved our database away from the application server to a new server and edited the prod.config.php via /_lib/prod/lib/php/index.php. We changed the local ip-address from to the ip-address from the new database server. When I test the connection everything looks fine. I close the browser and start it up again. But when I login to the application, I see “old” data (I did make a record change after moving the database to the new server on the old server, to verify what database I see in the application). The apps startup fine, but “old” data. When I shut down the old database mariadb server, the application does no longer work because of database failure. Can anyone tell me what could be wrong and how to fix this?

  • Clear caché
  • Try with other browser.
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Make sure you edited the existing database connection, with the same name as in your dev apps (not created a new connection with a different name).

why you did not re-install the whole application, and configureted the new database in the new server??? like a regular new instalation?