Contract work to assist with deploying new application

Need assistance with deploying new scriptcase application(v9.4.026) to production servers(Windows Server 12 & 16). ScriptCase application will be replacing existing application developed in Alpha Five. 4 servers total. Need someone fluent in English.
Thanks. Lisa

Hi Lisa, are you just having issues setting up and Apache server on the windows box? and then deploying your apps?


I am trying to deploy under IIS. I am not familiar with IIS or Apache. I followed all instructions I found on deploying but do not know what to do after I unzip the file C:\inetpub\wwwroot.


Hi Lisa,

Have you gone to your server ipaddress_lib/prod/lib/php/?login
This is where you set you database connections

Honestly i am not a fan of IIS i know you can do it. But i have not done it.
i use to use other Apache servers but this is what i did to make scriptcase run the best since i host on a windows 2016 server. I did it this way so then my development was using the same environment as my production. Its Apache so there is not licenses issues since its free

I am going of memory here.

  • i just installed scriptcase on the server i was going to use as the host for production - i did an advanced install basically just told to install on the c:\server instead of C:\Program Files (x86)\NetMake\v9\
  • Then it install everything. then i removed all the folders scirptcase under wwwroot
  • once that is done i created a folder under wwwroot to put all the applications in.
  • Under the domain controller i am assuming you have one here. I added @ record under DNS to forward aaaa.domain.local or pointied to the ip address of the server "i am again assuming you static ip address your server.
  • so now i was able to put in aaaa.domain.local/folder or and my applications would run.
Does this help or do i need to get more in depth on the procedure. i could probably boot up a temp server and see if i missed anything..


Hi Jason, yes, I tried access the server [LEFT]ipaddress_lib/prod/lib/php/?login with no luck. I will follow your instructions and see if that helps. Thanks.[/LEFT]

Thanks Jason. I followed your instructions and was able to deploy the application on a development server with no issues. Will work on production servers next. Thanks again!