control: Image Upload (Database): Images always in landscape when using iPhone/iPad

[SIZE=12px]when I use the control or field-type ‘Image Upload (Database)’ on an iPad or iPhone, [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px]the images I upload are always in landscape.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px]When i upload the same file from my Mac, [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px]the images are right (landscape OR portrait).[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px]My system environment:[/SIZE]

  • iPhone 5s, an iPad mini and an iPad 3 all with the newest system-software,
  • the browser was always safari.
  • scriptcase version 8.1.064.
[SIZE=12px] [/SIZE] [SIZE=12px]I do not have an android-mobile to check against.[/SIZE] [SIZE=12px] [/SIZE] [SIZE=12px]Is that a scriptcase-problem? Is there anything I can do?

Frederic Espitalier, Bremen, Germany[/SIZE]

Tengo el mismo problema. Al cargar las imagenes desde IOS (iPhone o iPad) gira la imagen.

Alguna respuesta o solución?