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Good day to all. I’m just new here and badly need help. Does anybody here knows any software or service where I can transcribe my audio files into text? I have tons of it in different formats and I have no time listening to all of it and transcribe it into words. I’m willing to spend a few bucks for it but better if it will be free.


ibm viavoice
dragon naturally speaking and alike
Just search for speech recognition. Dragon is one of the very best…

Thanks for your suggestions. Will definitely try those out as I’m a bit desperate and time pressured. Hope there still some other suggestions to come. Will keep you posted.

Good day to all once again.

Just want to share this as I have also ask help in some forums. And these all wrapped up to my conclusion.

Using online speech to text services we can convert audio files to text document easily and its more reliable than downloaded software.

Dragon is the most commonly used but can’t be taken for professional purposes since you still have to train it.

I’ve tried to hire in elance, freelance, odesk, but is way much too expensive and could not afford it.

So, I settled with the service like and did worked well.

But one thing is for sure. As of the present technology in transcription, still nothing is free, unless you still do the work.

Anyway, much appreciated all your help. Thanks a lot also for this forum.

I do agree that there are some speech recognition tools which convert audio to text it is even present in office 2003 and above but i guess u want song audio to text which i don’t think is possible.even if there are a few softwares they are not that accurate.

True. There are lot of software out there and I still believe that in transcription, doing it manually by human is still the best and most accurate. That’s why I settled with because I think this service are outsourcing their transcription directly to human transcribers which provides high quality outputs.

New and Innovative Transcription Service

Hi Fadwa,

Good day again to you. I just want to inform and share you that I’ve recently found a new and innovative Audio and Video transcription service which also provides subtitling and captioning service. They can also do transcription of different languages. The price is cheaper by half the price with what I was using previously as I’ve mentioned above and the turnaround time is much faster!

Check it out at They’ve just recently launched and their clients are increasing enormously and giving positive feedbacks. If you’re in need of transcription, I highly recommend you try this.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Our project are paying from 15$ to 20$ for transcribers per audio or video hour. Join us if you have time.

We have tons of work right now.

Save your time and effort. I’ve used this once and was really satisfied. Please check it out:

Audio transcription service
Provides audio to text services, speech to text services, voice to text services, digital audio transcription, MP3 to text. Ensures 99% Transcription Accuracy!

Hope this helps!

This thread seems nothing but a bunch of adverts, thinly disguised as a self answered question and so called advise

Hi, ibmwatson.
Thanks for your nice sharing. As you see, there are many free conversion tools online. But I don’t suggest you to use them to do with your conversion work. Because I always believe that the free tools online do not have so many professional functions as the paid ones. And it is said that some of them might contain some virus. Check some free trials of the paid professional conversion tools to convert pdf to text using C#.NET first before you make your final decision if possible. I also suggest you choose one whose way of processing is simple and fast. It can save a laot of time for you. Remember to do your conversion work according to its tutorial page about PDF conversion. I hope you success. Good luck.

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Hi all,
I was searching for this topic and I found now many hints here. I did use for testing this feature Google Doc with its own DIgital Vocalization (\Tools) .
It works fine but my question is about how can I use these features on a Scriptcase i.e. FORM text fields. Is it possible to dictate a text into a field of SC ??
As we use the API for Google Maps maybe there is something similar.
If not possible this way could you please suggest me what could be a possible solution ?