Create Android App

Is it possible to create an Android app (and post it on the play store) using Scriptcase ?

Not with Scriptcase

PHP is not a language to create apps, it runs on the webserver and needs a browser.

Thanks for the response

I’ve been thinking about creating a browser app that uses a form for connection details. i.e. Host domain, Username and Password etc… To connect to the host server where your Scriptcase created app is hosted and automatically log the user into it when sending the request.

It could give the appearance of running like an app that you install. So it could be something your users download for free and use the details you’ve provided them to access the web app you’ve created for them. That way i only have to create 1 browser app for each device type that can connect to any Scriptcase web app.

Anyway that was just my idea to get apps on the app stores and icon on the device.

Yes you can BUT you need an external app…
Something like this: or liek i the links that are next there when you check the link.
I have experimented more then a year ago with such apps but I used standard code not scriptcase code. I did get some output from a local database on my samsung phone… Great fun but not really for serious work imho.
There is no reason tho that it shouldn’t work as long as you use mysql on your android…

It’s easier. You can use Phonegap to create a webview pointing to your website, to emulate what mikelaw is saying. Plus to that, using phonegap api you can interact with hardware too (with some limitations)

Wanka, just try phonegap and report your findings here. I’m always open if somebody proves me wrong. reason: the php libraries of scriptcase are huge. I wouldn’t run scriptcase under phonegap on my mobile.

@aducom is not wrong, we are talking about different solutions. He talks about your SC project working locally on a phone, and this is not feasible IMHO either. I agree with him on that. What I talk is just a simple web view acting as a wrapper of your SC solution, hosted somewhere.