Create Grid like this in SC8

I have table account with 4 fields (see attachment file). From this table, I want to create grid looks like this (see attachment file). If the field is a header then it will sum the amount of the detail below. Is it possible using grid in SC8 ? Is there tutorial that I can see to do this ?

table account.PNG


as far as I know you can do that with tabs application, make some grids and combine them like tabs, they will show as your picture.

My aim is not the tabs, but the data that can be summed to the header from each detail. I want to make it in SC8 GRID.

Yes you can, again, watch the videos and see sample database that comes with SC, also forums are full of these information

Mike is right.

Looks like nested grids is the way to go for what you want - so each “header” is a nested grid

No. If he wants the same visualization, is not possible if not hardcoding a lot.

With nested grids, he will get a similar functionality, but is not the same

Yes if exactly the same visualisation, but he didn’t say that. My understanding was functionally the same