Please note:

  • The previous Menu app compiled in the previous SC8 version still works 100% in production.
  • When running the Menu app in Development, everything works 100%.
  • I had to enhance an existing production working Menu application and post to production.
  • I have also tried creating a brand new Menu app from scratch, with the same results.
  • Ever since the last build my Menu app's iframe width have been shortened by approx. 60%.
  • When running the menu application in Development all looks and works 100%.
  • Then when I compile the Menu app, and post it to Production, the production version chops the width to approx. 60%.
Please advise what files need to be changed and to what in the Menu compiled files. This way I can at least get this Menu updated while the issue is corrected by SC. I have attached x2 images showing Production Result (wrong) and Development Result (correct) that shows the Development result and the Production result.

Example: See



I have the same issue! If anyone knows how to resolve please help!.

I have wasted three days on this BUG…:mad:


please any help !

I gave up and reinstalled SC8.1.029 which solved the problem

For the Scriptcase folks…if you are going to continue to release buggy updates, please allow us an option to downgrade back to older versions or provide us links to download previous version!

Thank you Giu. Wish I had read your post earlier…:frowning:

Lucky i found this posting !
I thought because of changes to my setting.

any solution???

Hello everyone!

This problem is already reported and will be solved on the next release .
Thanks for reporting!


Until the problem is not solved with the update, I ask you to overwrite the file nm_gp_gera_menu.php in the directory: scriptcase//devel/generator/
Here are the links : you will find the files for Scriptcase with PHP 5.4 and 5.6, take care not to put on a different version.

PHP 5.4 :
PHP 5.6 :

Any problem, just update the Scriptcase.

For me the same. This issue has also been there in 2016